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Jan. 1st, 2020

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A . D O Z E N . P A P E R C U T S
a dozen papercuts that only I can trace. all my books are lying useless now.

M A I N . C O N T E N T S

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Dropbox & Questions

If you have a question, concern or comment you'd like to make about my CDJ, or any of the content contained herein, this is the place to drop it.

If you're a mod looking to see if I'd be a good fit for your game, or if you're a player and you want to ask about using any of my material and/or playing a story line, this is also the place.


All comments are screened.

Who Are You, And What Is This?

This Journal Is . . .
This journal is my character development journal, my muses' space such as it is, and these posts are basically self-advertisement, as well as information for people who RP with me or are considering doing so. It's where I keep information about how I RP, what I like, my personal style, fandoms, games, characters, and what I don't like. It's also where memes, stories, and anything else designed to develop my characters are stored. It is not meant to be derisive toward anyone whose style of play doesn't match up with my own - it's merely a tool to save me and anyone I play with the time it would take to find out later, when things come up in play. Any questions can be emailed to posy.wench @, or I can be contacted on AIM at adozenpapercuts.

I Am . . . .
I am a long-time RPer (over 10 years), a self-professed geek, and an insane collector of useless (according to some) memorabilia, gadgets and daggers. I have played in many different forms, including AIM, journal format (greatestjournal/insanejournal), forum (PBP), email (PBeM), IRC and through various online games (chiefly World of Warcraft). I have been a player, a moderator, and a world designer in a number of games and like to think I understand what makes a good game, good characters, and a good time. I am easily obsessed with shiny shows, movies, and books and have a healthy love of a number of different fandoms, many of which I enjoy RPing in. I will chat with almost anyone once I get over my inital shyness and love chatting about RP or fandom. I do indeed play out smutty scenes with people I know and feel comfortable with, but that requires a degree of mutual respect and knowing the character AND the player.

A Word of Warning: The information, biographies, character concepts and biopics listed here are MY creations, & intellectual property, and I retain all rights to them. DO NOT STEAL MY CHARACTERS and/or GRAPHICS/ICONS!! (I'm all about sharing, but give proper courtesy credit if you can't be arsed enough to just ASK!) If I find you, (and yes, I will) I promise you, it will not be pretty. The IJ roleplaying community is smaller then you think.

Credits: Clearly, I am big on credit. On that note, I try to properly credit any and all icons/graphics I use. If a credit on one of my icons or graphics is incorrect/missing, PLEASE tell me immediately so I can rectify the situation.

Speaking of credit, I couldn't have gotten this all together in such a neat orderly fashion without the help of [info]thebodypolitic who took the idea of a CDJ and ran with it into pure genius. Once again, I am in awe.

The settings, games and fandoms in which the characters are set, as well as the celebrities I use for PBs, are of course copyrighted THEIR respective owners. I make no claim or profit from this.

Disclaimer: This CDJ has been around since the old GJ days and was moved over from when Greatestjournal was still active, and as such, some links may be dead. I am working on updating this, but it's low on the priority scale.
Recently updated entries have the three small stars at the bottom of the entry.


Writing Samples

W R I T I N G . S A M P L E S

Harry Potter Fandom

Game: [info]wished
•Astoria Greengrass: Astoria discusses future plans with her fiance, Draco.
•Gideon Crumb: Gideon notices Heath isn’t wearing any pants (R-rated)

Game: [info]changedrpg
•Regulus Black: Regulus is back from the dead and a cautious reunion with his brother occurs.

Game: [info]districtmarvel
•Sam Wilson: Bucky arrives for a meeting with his Victor Support Counselor, Sam.

Current Schedule & Information

Due to the nature of my job, my roleplaying schedule can be a bit wonky and changes every few months. Rather then go through and change each individual character's bio every time, from now, I'm simply going to update this post and try to keep it as current as possible.

Current Schedule:
Graveyard Shift
Wed/Thurs/Sat nights off.

How my Schedule Works: )

About my Weekends/Spare Time )

The absolute BEST policy with me is to just ASK! I love RP and I will always make time for it if I can!

Likes, Dislikes, & How I Play

Things I Like )

Things I Don't Like )

This is How I RP )


Types of RP:
Fandoms I Have RP'd In - Harry Potter (Trio Era, Marauders Era & AU), X-Men Movieverse, X-men Comicverse, X-men AU, DC/Marvel Crossover, The Twlight series, Fairy tales, Dungeons & Dragons, World of Warcraft, White Wolf, Hunger Games, and Dragon Age.

Fandoms I Would Like To/Be Willing to RP In - Firefly, Sandman/Lucifer (Comics), Mercedes Lackey (Heralds of Valdemar/Hawkbrothers), Doctor Who, Robin Hood/Historical, Sherlock Holmes (RDJ movieverse), etc. (This list is by no means exhaustive. If it's a fandom I enjoy and am at least somewhat familiar with, chances are I would be willing to try some RP within it.)

Original Settings - I have RP'd in a number of original settings. As a general rule, I don't have a ton of interest in extraordinarily "dark" games (as in manufactured angst), smut-only games, or high school/real world type RP's. But there are exceptions to every rule. I like urban fantasy and high fantasy, sci-fi, supernatural creatures, modern horror, or hybrid mixes of several themes. I like originality and humor as well as angst and drama. I like friendly people willing to accommodate newcomers, and active mods.

Fandoms I LOVE, but Don't Want to RP In: LoTR, Supernatural, Eureka, Bones, Doctor Who/Torchwood, PoTC, Angel, Buffy, Transformers, Knight Rider, and others.

Fandoms I am Uninterested In - Lost, Any Celeb Game/Bandslash/Popslash, House, Heroes, any panfandom game (I.E. a game that throws characters from all fandoms into one place.).

I have absolutely no interest in RPF/RPS or real person RP's.

Current Characters

Characters Currently Played:

A listing of all my current public game characters and links to my privated PSL archive.
Read more... )

Wanted Characters

Characters I want to Play )

Possible PB's I'd Like to Use )

PB's I Won't Use )

Past/Retired/Inactive Characters

Past/Retired/Inactive Characters )

Mar. 15th, 2010

Past/Retired/Inactive Characters: Other/Original

Past/Retired/Inactive Characters: Other/Original )

Past/Retired/Inactive Characters: X-Men

Past/Retired/Inactive Characters: X-Men )

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