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Sep. 22nd, 2018

[info]trolling in [info]rpvents

When you're trying to be nice ooc so there are no misunderstandings and they just delete all comments with no response. I know kindness is rare these days but damn!

[info]moonshoes in [info]pb_updates

Noah Centineo

Set: Noah Centineo : 415
Details: Male : White : Brown : Hazel : 20s
Link: LINK

[info]tsorr in [info]rpvents

You know as someone who has first had experience of the culture and not just binge watching a t.v. show, I find all of y'all laughable. But by all means, carry on.

[info]devilbear in [info]pb_updates

Vanessa Morgan in Riverdale

Set: Vanessa Morgan : 440
Details: female : mixed : blonde and pink : brown : 20s (10s-passing)
Link: 1-220 & 221-440 @ [info]empireants

[info]junctusmods in [info]fantasy_rpgs

About Junctus
This year, Crosshaven Community Centre opened its doors to magical and muggles members alike. Located in the heart of Godric's Hollow, this unassuming building plays host to community clubs both new and old. First and foremost, Crosshaven is about building a community. The committee welcomes new clubs, and anybody is able to get involved. Artists hosting still life classes cross paths with socialites attending amateur dramatics performances, while muggles are invited to join a community choir. Reusable portkeys allow people to visit any time the centre is open, to meet and mingle.

Opportunities abound, and the wizarding world is changing. Muggles are being offered an unprecedented chance to socialise with their magical counterparts and to learn about the world their magical relatives inhabit. In exchange, muggles can invite witches and wizards into their world, to experience all that 2018 technology has to offer.

Will integrating the muggle relatives who already know about magic bring the community closer together and ensure a peaceful future for the wizarding world? Or will the differences between those who have magic and those who don't be too great to overcome? While some witches and wizards are willing to share their experiences with magic, others hesitate, uncertain where this road will lead. When you invite muggles into the wizarding world, where do you draw the line?
Find out more

Sep. 21st, 2018

[info]bottledskies in [info]pb_updates

david morrissey in "extant"

Set: David Morrissey : 450
Details: Male : White : Brown/Grey : Blue : 50's
Link: Here!

Sep. 20th, 2018

[info]devilbear in [info]pb_updates

Luke Perry in Riverdale

Set: Luke Perry : 330
Details: male : white : brunette : brown(?) : 40s/50s
Link: LINK @ [info]empireants

[info]ghanima in [info]frakkingcylon

update: carrie fisher

I could finally look at photos of Carrie Fisher again without completely weeping to make these, but now I'm all teary-eyed again. They've been updated along the Force Awakens icons.

Carrie Fisher
As General Leia Organa.

( 341 Icons )
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Random stuff

• I’ve been so busy this summer I think I finally crashed — I just want to go home every night and RP, icon, or play Overwatch. Which... isn’t a bad thing. I’ll do it a few weeks and then suddenly be very social again, I’m sure.

• Work is stressful. We launched our product and I now have 38462783 things to do. This prob also contributed to the crash.

• Ran a 5k with [info]helloworld after not running for a month. It hurt but now I want to run more, which is good. Gonna try to make it a bigger priority in my life bc I feel better all around when I do.

Icon requests. I want to icon. If anyone at [info]neonmod or [info]thisisfine needs icons, I am taking requests. First 3 people get them, and you have to find me caps. Also if it’s for a This Is Fine char and you don’t get the hold or drop the hold, I’m going to move on to the next person.
- Connor
- Heather
- Emma

[info]demonice in [info]rpvents

I remember when I was a teenybopper and rp was all about slash and band members back on livejournal. Now, we're way more creative and the characters are actually adults vs 30yr old men that act like their 16. I love it, but I would love it so much more if people acted their age and didn't get so shirty over every little thing -- practice what you preach.

Also, I wish I knew how to use photoshop and make graphics and other pretty things. I have so many idea for games and I know I was a good mod when I did it, but I'll never be able to get the appeal to get off the ground, nor do I have anyone that I'm good enough with to help me run things.

Sep. 19th, 2018

[info]backstreets in [info]pb_updates


Set: Damon J Gillespie: 129
Details: Male : Mixed : Brown : Hazel : 20s
Link: LINK

[info]witchbaby in [info]rpvents

i love you dearly, i honestly do. you have made writing so much fun and they're really a really cute awesome couple. i however just spent the last 2 weeks being in the hospital with pneumonia AND the flu. thank you so much for the really beautiful post, i will get to it!!

[info]idyllic in [info]fantasy_rpgs

pensive they sit, & roll their languid eyes.

inspired by Giovanni Boccaccio's The Decameron, Idyllic is set in 1979 during the First Wizarding War and focuses on a group of privileged Wizarding World elite who have retreated to the countryside to escape the brewing conflict.


[info]ghanima in [info]frakkingcylon

Eloise Smyth

Eloise Smyth

188 Icons )

[info]devilbear in [info]pb_updates

Madelaine Petsch in Riverdale 2x21 & 2x22

Set: Madelaine Petsch : 308
Details: female : white : red : light brown : 20s (10s-passing)
Link: 108 from 2x21 and 200 from 2x22 @ [info]empireants

[info]devilbear in [info]pb_updates

William H. Macy

Set: William H. Macy : 46
Details: male : white : dark blonde/lightish brunette : green(?) : 50s/60s
Link: LINK @ [info]empireants

Sep. 18th, 2018

[info]tsorr in [info]rpvents

I think I'm finally in the upswing of my bipolar disorder, I just hope it lasts. I'm going to see my therapist tomorrow and see if I can get my meds adjusted. I'm scared to tell them I've been depressed, last time I told a therapist I was depressed they decided to admit me for 72 hours in inpatient.

[info]devilbear in [info]pb_updates

Jensen Ackles (Young)

Set: Jensen Ackles : 192 (22 gif, 170 static)
Details: male : white : brunette : green : 10s/20s
Link: LINK @ [info]empireants

Sep. 17th, 2018

[info]padme in [info]pb_updates

Keegan-Michael Key

Set: Keegan-Michael Key : 322
Details: male : biracial : bald : brown : 40s
Link: LINK (flocked)

[info]oslo in [info]pb_updates

Set: Henry Cavill: 460
Details: male: white: brown/black: blue: 30s
Character Suggestions: DC: Clark Kent/Superman
Link: LINK


Henry Cavill (460) (interviews)

Continuing my backlog posts; made for [info]stark, and doing the best I can with interview caps & wonky lighting under a tent! All featuring the moustache, which I used to hate but I now weirdly like it?? Cavill remains stupidly, blindingly handsome even if his opinions are #trash rn.



[info]vanessavalarian in [info]rpvents

Really, it's a good idea to have a game's rules sorted before you open up to apps. Just saying.


I’m late but whatever I want to do this! No older than ~disorder because my memory is terrible.


Sep. 16th, 2018

[info]chaosbydesign in [info]pb_updates

Set: Renee Olstead : 120
Details: Female : White : Red/Blonde : Blue : 20s/30s
Link: LINK

[info]fireflyclass in [info]rpvents

You two deserve each other.

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