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Nov. 12th, 2018

[info]ollinsong in [info]pb_updates

Hong Jong-Hyun

Set: Hong Jong-Hyun : 344
Details: Male : Asian : Black : Brown : 20s
Link: LINK

Nov. 11th, 2018

[info]24601 in [info]pb_updates

Lachlan Watson

Set: Lachlan Watson: 242 icons
Details: nonbinary: white: brown: blue: 10s
Link: LINK

[info]squaids in [info]rpvents

Least of my problems're playing a super butch guy. Why so feminine?! If I wanted to write a femme line I would. Sometimes I physically cringe. I know we're both women but it can't be that hard to pretend. I do it!

Unrelated side note: Being masculine doesn't equal being a complete asshole either.

[info]deadmanwalking in [info]fantasy_rpgs

[info]blackdawn -> wanted list

[info]praesidio in [info]fantasy_rpgs

the bigger the crown, the heavier the burden
  • Rodolphus Lestrange
  • Malfoys, Bulstrodes, Yaxleys
  • Weasleys, Prewetts, Potters
  • The Killicks (owners of the Leaky)
  • All 4 Marauders
  • military members
  • and more!

plot - rules - holds - cast - military - faq
reference - wanted - apply - dropbox

[info]xiaofangs in [info]fantasy_rpgs

Storyline Want


This lovely lady [info]xiaofangs is looking for a second in command over at [info]shelteredmod to secretly overthrow the community of Summerview. You can check out the details in the wanted ad here .

Drop me a note if you’re interested in the line or anything else with her outside of the line here or in the Dropbox on her user page.

I hope to see you there.

[info]blackflame28 in [info]rpvents

When you see other players giving up on your game before you have
When you try really hard to make your game interesting and different and have no success
When people judge your characters before they even look at them

It hurts. All of it. And I don't know why I keep trying.

Nov. 10th, 2018

[info]taffeta in [info]pb_updates

mindy kaling — 168 icons

Set: Mindy Kaling : 168 icons
Details: Female : Indian : Asian : Black : Brown : 30s
Link: LINK

[info]raygun in [info]rpvents

well, well, well

that panned out exactly as i thought it would.

Nov. 9th, 2018

[info]moonshoes in [info]pb_updates

Katherine McNamara

Set: Katherine McNamara : 350
Details: Female : White : Blonde/Red : Green : 20s
Link: LINK

Nov. 7th, 2018

[info]shelteredmod in [info]fantasy_rpgs


A sanctuary for the supernatural

Most Wanted: ♣ Criminals ♣ Malcontents ♣ More detail on the above at the Wanted page.

Nov. 6th, 2018

[info]moonshoes in [info]pb_updates

Taylor Swift

Set: Taylor Swift : 269
Details: Female : White : Blonde : Blue : 20s
Link: LINK

[info]ollinsong in [info]pb_updates

Hong Jong-Hyun

Set: Hong Jong-Hyun : 196
Details: Male : Asian : Black : Brown : 20s
Link: LINK

[info]ollinsong in [info]pb_updates

Lee Hyun-jae

Set: Lee Hyun-jae : 174
Details: Male : Asian : Brown : Brown : 20s/30s
Link: LINK

Nov. 5th, 2018

[info]plums in [info]rpvents

Me: I love organic romantic lines. They’re so much fun to write.

My character: I’m going to fall for literally the worst person in the comm, it will take months to untangle, and their writer will OOC threaten to drop lines with other characters if they talk to me. I hope you like stomachaches!/I’m going to fall in love with my dating-engaged-married best friend after listening to a song and put the lyrics in my profile/I’m actually still in love with my dating-engaged-married ex now that they’re in the community!/I am going to lose interest in my partner a week after we finally get together. Enjoy.

Me: Cool.

[info]lacerated in [info]rpvents

so. fucking. tired. of. writing. males. but it seems to be the only damn way i can get lines and interaction, frustration x1000. half of me wants to just stop writing, give up, the other half desperately wants to keep this hobby and just deal with the shit deal

Nov. 3rd, 2018

[info]wharrgarbl in [info]rpvents

i'm so fucking insecure about my rp abilities (or maybe lack thereof). it's all well and good people telling me i'm good but when i don't get any lines, that kind of contradicts that? or maybe i'm just annoying/unapproachable? i have no idea how to navigate this, i just...want to enjoy this again

[info]honeyspider in [info]pb_updates

Set: 121 luca hollestelle
Details: f : white : red : brown : 20s
Link: LINK

[info]honeyspider in [info]pb_updates

Set: 171 gemma ward
Details: f : white : blonde : blue : 30s
Link: LINK

Nov. 2nd, 2018

[info]saintlymods in [info]fantasy_rpgs

St. Margaret's Academy

Rule #1 - Keep your fangs and claws to yourself: no snacking on the student body.
Rule #2 - No magic in the hallways.
Rule #3 - A full moon is no excuse for not having made your homework.

The '18-'19 academic year has begun. At St. Margaret's Academy, there's no such thing as normal.
Open since 2013, St. Margaret's Academy is looking for great RPers and fresh faces. We're a fun and laid back group, so enrol your progeny today!

Nov. 1st, 2018

[info]celtic_cherokee in [info]citadel_icons

Kristofer Hivju | 65 Icons


[info]thearrived in [info]fantasy_rpgs

The Arrived is an open world space exploration panfandom game set in a fictional universe. Characters are pulled into the world through a black hole, given the low down and sent on their merry way to find their niche in their new lives.

Characters are not restricted to one location, rather the entirety of the world is open for them to explore providing endless opportunities to create plot! While there will be mod run plot points, and plot set up with the political strife of the Galaxy itself, The Arrived aims to be a place where players are in charge of their character's destinies. Everything from space piracy to politics to just general slice of life is possible!

The pieces are there, it's up to you to put it together.

[info]2minutes in [info]fantasy_rpgs

Two Minutes to Midnight

Two Minutes to Midnight
A comic-inspired real-world AU
On the 25th of January, 2018, the Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists set the Doomsday Clock to two minutes to midnight. While typically focusing on nuclear risk, climate change, and emerging technologies, the Bulletin was forced to take growing metahuman policies into consideration which culminated in a response that the world is heading even more rapidly toward their own man-made doomsday.

This game expands on the idea of this imminent danger by placing superhuman characters in a world where the tide of metahuman panic is at an all-time high.

There are no Avengers or Justice League to save us. Only the everyday citizens who choose to stand up and fight against tick-tock of the doomsday clock.

Oct. 31st, 2018

[info]celtic_cherokee in [info]citadel_icons

Henry Cavill | 16 Icons


[info]celtic_cherokee in [info]citadel_icons

Vanessa Marano


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