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Jan. 23rd, 2019

[info]moonshoes in [info]pb_updates

Alicia Vikander

Set: Alicia Vikander : 122
Details: Female : White : Brown : Brown : 20s, 30s
Link: LINK

[info]seethesoldiers in [info]pb_updates


Set: Ben Foster (30 Days of Night) : 122
Details: Male : White : Red: Green : 20s
Link: LINK

[info]grantaire in [info]rpvents

How much self-awareness do you lack that you are still writing the same hyperfetishy 2005 emoqueer teenage boys?

I don't understand.

[info]togetherinparis in [info]rpvents

tw: vent concerning non-consent

Magic or not a warning for what is essentially a rape based PSL wouldn't go amiss even if you are focused on 'character and world building'

Jan. 22nd, 2019

[info]primitiveheart in [info]rpvents

Your desperation is what's ruining your community.

[info]seethesoldiers in [info]pb_updates


Set: Kit Harington (Seventh Son) : 137
Details: Male : White : Black : Brown : 20s
Link: LINK

[info]rodens in [info]pb_updates

lucy boynton

Set: Lucy Boynton : 313
Details: Female: white: blond: blue: 20s
Link: LINK

[info]seethesoldiers in [info]pb_updates


Set: Mark Hamill : 357
Details: Male : White : Brown : Green : 60s
Link: LINK


Me, in need of more PSLs and GPSLs to slate the thirst for RPing.
You, a person who I can do PSLs with.
You, someone who can point me in the direction of GPSLs you know of.

[info]demonice in [info]rpvents

just a late night pity party: when you've established something you thought was great with a slp and they dip in the worst way possible and it sucks because our group was bomb af.

Jan. 21st, 2019

[info]ollinsong in [info]pb_updates

Jordan Rodrigues

Set: Jordan Rodrigues : 304
Details: Male : Asian : Black : Brown : 10s
Link: LINK

[info]102007 in [info]rp_tutorials

is there anyone out there that is still taking icon requests?

[info]devilbear in [info]pb_updates

Mark Fischbach (Markiplier)

Set: Mark Fischbach (Markiplier) : 353
Details: male : mixed (korean/white) : black + dyed (pink, blue, red, purple, yellow) : brown : 20s
Link: LINK @ [info]empireants

[info]seethesoldiers in [info]pb_updates


Set: Thora Birch : 56
Details: Female : White : Brown/Blonde : Green : 20s
Link: LINK

[info]seethesoldiers in [info]pb_updates


Set: Andrew Lincoln (The Walking Dead) : 69
Details: Male : White : Brown : Blue : 30s
Link: LINK

[info]just2vent in [info]rpvents

I hate every time I get reminded that you're still around, with your extreme and weird kinks, your obsessive behavior and your general air of weirdness. I know I can't stop you from being around and I wouldn't want to, but I would like it if you never go near one of my journals again.

Jan. 20th, 2019

[info]seethesoldiers in [info]pb_updates


Set: Adam Brody (Mr. & Mrs. Smith) : 93
Details: Male : White : Black : Hazel : 20s
Link: LINK

[info]seethesoldiers in [info]pb_updates


Set: Sebastian Stan (Labyrinth) : 58
Details: Male : White : Brown : Green : 20s
Link: LINK

Jan. 19th, 2019

[info]seethesoldiers in [info]pb_updates


Set: Ryan Reynolds (Two Guys and a Girl) : 53
Details: Male : White : Brown : Hazel : 20s
Link: LINK

Jan. 18th, 2019

[info]seethesoldiers in [info]pb_updates


Set: Katharine Isabelle (Supernatural) : 51
Details: Female : White : Brown : Green : 20s
Link: LINK

Jan. 17th, 2019

[info]eidetics in [info]pb_updates

Hayley Williams

Set: Hayley Williams : 85
Details: female : white : blonde (mostly) : 20's
Link: LINK


Hayley Williams +85

hayley williams in misc. photoshoots )

[info]seethesoldiers in [info]pb_updates


Set: Kit Harington : 47
Details: Male : White : Black : Brown : 20s
Link: LINK

Jan. 16th, 2019

[info]seethesoldiers in [info]pb_updates


Set: Ben Whishaw (Skyfall) : 86
Details: Male : White : Black : Green : 30s
Link: LINK

[info]seethesoldiers in [info]pb_updates


Set: Morena Baccarin : 76
Details: Female : Mixed : Black : Brown : 30s
Link: LINK

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