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Dec. 15th, 2017

[info]parthenos in [info]rpvents

I hate feeling like rping with me is a chore.

[info]fireflyclass in [info]rpvents

Neat, I was basically written off. Thanks.

[info]dontcarenemore in [info]rpvents

Oh AIM. WHY, did you have to abandon us? I hate you for that.

[info]229922 in [info]rpvents

I don't know what it is about you. You don't seem a bad person. But your comment writing is so stilted and formal, your replies are occasionally very weird in the way they're put, and the one time I did try to RP with you, it was just as stilted and weird in the same way as your comments.

I half wonder if you might actually be a robot at times. Only half. It's not that you're even a bad writer. There's just something ever so slightly off that I can't put my finger on.

[info]honeyspider in [info]pb_updates

Set: 135 Saadot Aksoy
Details: f : white/middle eastern? (Turkish) : brown/coloured red : blue : 20s/30s
Link: LINK

[info]honeyspider in [info]pb_updates

Set: Selma Ergeç | 63
Details: f : white : brown : blue : 30s
Link: LINK

[info]honeyspider in [info]pb_updates

Set: Rachael Taylor | 502 (split between two posts)
Details: f : white : blonde : green : 30s/20s
Link: LINK #1 LINK #2

[info]honeyspider in [info]pb_updates

Set: 246 Deepika Padukone
Details: f : indian : brown : brown : 20s/30s
Link: LINK

[info]honeyspider in [info]pb_updates

Set: Nora Arnezeder | 232
Details: f : white : blonde : blue : 20s
Link: LINK

Dec. 14th, 2017

[info]bitchvent in [info]rpvents

The last 2 or 3 months, it seems like there has been one thing after another. Car accident. Went on vacation and came back to work killing me. Work continued to kill me. Out of town. Work murder. Sick. Out of town. Work murder. Sick. Work murder. Now, with the holidays around, I'm going to be going out of town again and busy for the next three weekends.

My poor SLPs - I know they probably think I'm lying when I tell them that life is just crazy right now. At this point, I've stopped giving excuses and I will just message them after Christmas and apologize profusely. Life...stop. Just stop.

Also...unrelated...writer, please don't die. I don't want my character to really be cursed.

Dec. 12th, 2017

[info]completeidiocy in [info]rpvents

Do everyone a favor, and just quit. You're not happy. You're making others unhappy. Bow out gracefully. It is time.

Dec. 11th, 2017

[info]mydeadromance in [info]rpvents

I'm gonna put this under a cut because it might get a little long.
And I wanna spare your feeds.
This is starting to become bullsh*t. )

I don't think anyone here has run into the person I am venting about. Its been awhile since they were in public games.

[info]babeheffron in [info]rpvents

This holiday season has sucked the life out of me. I want to write but I also want to sleep. Retail is the worst.

[info]classifiedmod in [info]fantasy_rpgs

[info]classifiedmod is a supernatural community set in Portland, ME, based around the fictional Department of Welfare for the Protection of Non-Human Americans (what a mouthful!), its employees, and the supernatural and human residents of Portland. We're an all-inclusive community now accepting holds, and opening after five apps!


[info]raygun in [info]rpvents

i have a really, really strong prescription on my glasses but holy god. i am straining with so many posts in such goddamn tiny text. can people please find a happy medium between Aestheticâ„¢ and readability? it's so. ridiculous.

[info]moonshoes in [info]pb_updates

Andrew J. West

Set: Andrew J. West : 390
Details: Male : White : Brown : Green : 30s
Link: LINK

[info]bigdickr in [info]rpvents

Well, there goes my joining that game, ever.

I hate sexuality caps.

Dec. 10th, 2017

[info]honeyspider in [info]pb_updates

Set: 280 Eugenia Diordiychuk
Details: f : white : black : brown : 20s/30s
Link: LINK

[info]honeyspider in [info]pb_updates

Set: 144 Eva Green
Details: f : white : black/brown : blue : 30s
Link: LINK

[info]honeyspider in [info]pb_updates

Set: 140 GoGo Blackwater
Details: f : white : brown : brown : 20s
Link: LINK

[info]honeyspider in [info]pb_updates

Set: 116 Daria Milky / Dasha Milko
Details: f : white : red : blue : 10s/20s
Link: LINK

Dec. 9th, 2017

[info]ghanima in [info]pb_updates

Carrie Fisher as General Organa

Set: Carrie Fisher (as General Organa) : 140
Details: female : jewish : brown/grey : brown : 50s
Character Suggestions: Star Wars: Leia Organa
Link: LINK

[info]ghanima in [info]frakkingcylon

Carrie Fisher

Most of these icons are from The Force Awakens with only about 5 or 6 from the trailers of The Last Jedi. There is a distinct lack of older Leia icons, and I desperately wanted to fill that hole.

And it was so painful to do. Still miss you, Miss Fisher.

Carrie Fisher
As General Leia Organa.

140 Icons )

[info]plums in [info]rpvents

It has to also be being away from my people around the holidays, but the ads for the Portland games have been making me so homesick that I put in an ETO request at work to visit friends and family. Fringe benefit: I can get my juicer that I left behind.

Dec. 8th, 2017

[info]allthevoices in [info]rp_tutorials

Does anyone know of any programs that make icons on Chromebook? It's the only machine I have at the moment and I'd love to make some icons of the new Runaways show. I'd appreciate any help. Thank you!

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